T-Free Capsules

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25 MG T-Free capsules are made to replace your hemp drops and provide dosing that is easy and convenient. Best of all our capsules are T-Free, meaning that anyone can take them without the risk of failing a drug test.  Within each bottle of there are thirty 25 MG T-Free capsules, providing you with a months worth of pure and organically grown hemp.

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Suggested Use
For first timers we recommend taking one capsule daily for a month straight. Consistency is key for best results. After your first month we recommend you to stop taking the capsules for a 3-4 days to evaluate how the T-Free capsules are working for you. If you do not notice a difference we recommend increasing your dose to 2 T-Free Capsules daily. Keep in mind, everyone reacts differently to the suggested use amounts. If you notice any side effects we recommend reducing your dose or to stop taking them.

Hemp, rice flour, vegetable cellulose, magnesium stearate, and silicon dioxide.

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